Environmental efforts

Basic Environmental Policy


Based on the idea that a management style that emphasizes the environment can bring upon the creation of a new corporate style of the 21st century, Nippon Wiper Blade Co., Ltd. shall gather together the Group’s collective wisdom and energy in order to aim to become an environmental top runner, achieve a sustainable society and contribute to bringing people happiness by designing, developing and producing wiper arm blades that are harmonious with the environment and through the preservation of the natural environment.

Environmental policy

  • (1)Gather together the Group’s collective wisdom and energy and make efforts to reinforce the environmental management from a global perspective.
  • (2)Conduct development, design and production activities with an emphasis on the environment in each stage starting from the manufacturing of our products to the use and disposal of our products in the marketplace from a comprehensive perspective.
  • (3)Make efforts to promote external cooperation and transmission of information while engaging communication with all stakeholders.

Environmental Policy Action Guidelines

(1) Expansion of group environmental management (Eco management)

  • 1.Reinforcement of consolidated environmental management
    The Group manufacturers will share and promote these environmental policies.
  • 2.Reinforcement of environmental partnerships with business partners
    Reinforce partnerships with business partners by further expand the environmental management system in order to reduce environmental impact through supply chains.

(2) Development and design aimed at preserving the environment and improving performance (Eco products)

  • 1.Development of new products with an emphasis on the environment
    We will make efforts to develop products with an emphasis on the environment, including use technologies that will contribute to the prevention of global warming.
  • 2.Enhancement of environmental assessments at the design stage
    We will enhance and promote a design review system that will enable us to assess environmental impact in advance at the development and design stages of all products.

(3) Steady reduction of global environmental production loads (Eco factory)

  • 1.Reduction of the environmental production loads of Group manufacturers
    By making efforts to conduct thorough prevention measures and comply with legal standards and other requirements, we will promote resource and energy conservation as a Group from a global perspective.
  • 2.Production activities aimed at creating harmony with the world’s natural environment
    We will set independent environmental load reduction targets based on the characteristics of the regions of our bases throughout the world and operate a system that can achieve continuous improvement.

(4) Enhancement of external partnerships and transmission of information regarding environmental actions (Eco friendly)

  • 1.Promotion of external partnerships and contributions to society
    We will make efforts to partner with a broad layers of society regarding environmental preservation and contribute to society through our products produced with an emphasis on the environment.
  • 2.Enhancement of environmental communication
    We will make efforts to actively transmit environmental information to all stakeholders and promote the enhancement of communication with local communities.

Acquisition of ISO 14001

We kicked off in October 1999 towards the establishment of a system for business activities and structure that is harmonious with the environment and acquisition of ISO 14001 and acquired the certification in November 2000.

“ISO certification acquisition status”

  • November 2000
  • Head factory
  • Acquired
  • January 2006
  • NWB Malaysia
  • Acquired
  • March 2006
  • Korea Wiper Blade
  • Acquired

Global warming countermeasure plan based on the Saitama Prefecture global warming prevention ordinance

Environmental symbol logo

Our Earth 美しい地球を次世代へ

This logo reflects our aim to work together as one to achieve our goal to become an ecological company that will help preserve “Earth, the planet of water.”